Dongara District High School

Dongara District

High School

"School as City"
The functional components of the Dongara District High School are housed in separate buildings linked by an orthogonal grid of major and minor streets wrapping two sides of the common green space. While clearly reflecting the structure and hierarchies of the project brief it generates a variety of active and passive social spaces to support student interaction and development outside the classroom.

The built form of swept, colorbond clad roofs and brickwork which captures and protects the teaching spaces responds directly to the windswept character of this section of the Western Australian coast. Brick work, which only extends to door head height, interlocks with colorbond wall cladding above, a gesture to the remnant walls of earlier buildings in the region.
Playfulness is further developed through the use of colour and the application of public art directly to the buildings. The students have had a direct engagement with the development of the art work, through a series of workshops which led to images that they drew being incorporated into the artwork.