Kelmscott Senior High School

Kelmscott Senior

High School

The alignment of State educational pedagogy with Federal Policy was the catalyst for the integration of Year 7 students into high schools, requiring the construction of new purpose built facilities across the state.
The project is concerned with the creation of humane, engaging and inclusive architecture with the provision of an enriched learning environment with a strong visual connection between classrooms and context.
For Kelmscott Senior High School, this required a single storey teaching block located on the only available area of the school site at the southern end of a car park on the eastern boundary.
Although a little remote from the rest of the school, it is visible from Cammillo Road.
The response to this site condition is a bold entry addressing the road, which is carried through the building to the outdoor play area on the south side, and which in profile references the Darling Scarp to the East. This is most obvious when seen from the oval to the west.
This element serves to anchor the building in its context and extend a welcome to new students underscoring the importance of this programme for the future of education in Western Australia.