Churchlands Senior High School Year 7 Integration

Churchlands Senior

High School

Year 7 Integration

Alignment of the State educational pedagogy with Federal Policy was the catalyst for the integration of Year 7 students into high schools requiring construction of new purpose built facilities across the state.
The central concern of this project was the creation of a humane, engaging, inclusive architecture to support the integration and development of the year 7 cohort.
For Churchlands Senior High School, one of the state's largest, this required a new two storey teaching block located on the eastern edge of the site with good access to core facilities and open space. To achieve this it was necessary that the building faced the rest of the school across an open area of lawn to the west.
The attendant sun control issues were embraced to create a highly articulated building with wide verandahs behind a punctured, louvered timber screen generating a rich mix of social spaces to support student interaction and engender a sense of ownership.
To support student centred learning, briefed circulation spaces were consolidated to create generous Activity Spaces adjacent to the General Learning Areas.
This building has delighted the client, stretching the boundaries of the brief within the prescribed budget to create a rich new learning environment.