Fitzroy Child and Family Centre

Fitzroy Child &

Family Centre

"Baya Gawiy Buga yani Jandu yani u Centre....for all the children and their families"
design concept is a reference to the Baya Gawiya (freshwater whip-Ray), an important symbol to the indigenous groups inhabiting the Fitzroy Valley. The building takes on the form of the Baya Gawiya to create an organic and flowing building. The main body of the fish encompasses a large central breezeway separating the child care and the family and community building. The distinct tail of the Baya Gawiya is represented by the tapered paving emanating from the base of the building ending in a whip-like end.

The curvaceous roofs boost the scale of the building's public face and the breezeway becomes an important public gathering space for staff, children and visitors. A series of generous play areas are intensely landscaped with natives which with time will provide cool, green relief.