Fitzroy District High School

Fitzroy District

High School

The meandering river theme forms a strong
symbol of "Community"
The architecture of the District High School in the town of Fitzroy Crossing is strongly grounded in both regional context and cultural context.
Providing accommodation for 350 students from kindergarten to year 12, the school is comprised of a number of individual buildings. Each building is essentially a simple rectangular form (to reflect the pragmatic approach to design and construction characteristic of the Kimberley region) overlaid with curved creek-like roof structure (to make an architectural statement in recognition of the civic importance of the school to the town).
The site plan for the school is based on the theme of a meandering river with pathways flowing through the site to connect the pre-primary, secondary school and administration buildings. The meandering river theme forms a strong symbol of “community” and is an important element of the project for the language groups of the Fitzroy Valley. There are also areas beyond the “river” which represent the desert areas. Through this narrative, the place as a whole becomes meaningful.
An important part of the design process for this project was consultation and collaboration with the community. This contributed a great deal to the success of the project, ensuring that the Fitzroy District High School was extremely well received. It is a project Bateman Architects is proud of and truly embodies our core values of quality, efficiency, sustainability and community.